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First, apologies, but I am green when it comes to JAVA.

I have a Jetty instance that I am starting using start.jar and passing it a start.config file. The config file properly references additional lib folders that have shared jars in them. The instance starts and runs properly.

I then want to deploy an application via a war file that has been created. The war file has a WEB-INF folder with /lib and /classes folders. The /lib folder has a jar that contains the files needed to run the application. The /classes folder is empty except for some properties that get read.

Everything seems to work except that Jetty wont start the application. This seems to occure because it cannot find a class that is located in the app.jar file that is in the WEB-INF/lib folder. It was my understanding that jars in the /lib folder would be read in auto-magically onto the classpath.

Please advise?

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Turns out Jetty was working as described but the classloader was not happy with some conflicting class defs.

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