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I've installed, compiled and built U-Boot on my host machine in order to load an application (a hello world program in C) onto my board. The board is a FOX G20 V with an ATMEL AT91SAM9G20 processor. The U-Boot compiles fine, and I've compiled my application with arm-none-eabi-gcc which is an ARM embedded gcc toolchain by Linaro (http://www.linaro.org/) to cross compile my application onto my board. But now I'm awfully confused.

I've configured U-Boot to run on my board with the make options. But now, my question is, once U-Boot is compiled and built on my host machine, do I need to install it on my board as well? If so, how do I do that? If not, how do I load my application (the executable file) onto my board once U-Boot is built?

I have read the tutorials online but it still confuses me even more when I read them so I would really appreciate any help.

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You definitely have to install u-boot on your board. It looks like your board boots from a micro SD card so that will be easy.

For now let's say we don't care about the SD card partitioning. All you have to do is copy the u-boot image at the beginning of the SD card with dd :

dd if=u-boot.bin of=/dev/<xxx>

where /dev/ is the sdcard device on your PC, generaly /dev/sdb or /dev/mmc0

This will overwrite the partition table of the SD card so all data on this sd card will be lost. It is possible to preserve the partition table and content with other options too.

Then put you SD card on the board and boot from it. You should see u-boot logs on the uart console.

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Thank you for your answer. Once I load the u-boot.bin file on my SD card and put it back into my board, what do you mean by "boot from it"? Is this to load my application onto the board? And how exactly do I boot from the SD card on the board? Sorry about all the questions but I'm kind of still confused. –  Adam Apr 17 at 8:42
Also, I'm still unsure of how to install U-Boot on my board. –  Adam Apr 17 at 9:03
I've manually copied the u-boot.bin, u-boot.map, uboot.srec and System.map files onto my SD card. What is the next step? –  Adam Apr 17 at 9:47
Your processor expects to find the bootloader binary on the first sector of the SD card *. –  hyves Apr 17 at 9:57
That should be done. But now, how do I boot from the board's SD card to load and execute my application? –  Adam Apr 17 at 10:00

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