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I wanted to calculate the month difference between two yyyymm dates. I have this function below, however it only works if I use yyyy-mm instead.

$date1 = new DateTime('2014-01');
$date2 = new DateTime('2013-06');
$mth = mthdiff($date1, $date2);

function mthdiff($date1,$date2){

$diff = $date1->diff($date2);

return (($diff->format('%y') * 12) + $diff->format('%m'));

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Use date_parse_from_format to parse a date in the form you specify. –  Barmar Apr 17 at 7:25
use str_to_time –  Haseeb Apr 17 at 7:26

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Modify your function to use DateTime::createFromFormat():

function mthdiff($date1,$date2){
    $d1 = DateTime::createFromFormat('Ym', $date1);
    $d2 = DateTime::createFromFormat('Ym', $date2);
    $diff = $d1->diff($d2);
    return (($diff->format('%y') * 12) + $diff->format('%m'));


echo mthdiff('201401', '201306');




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