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I'm working on a research project and need to do some image manipulation. I have a matrix that I need to convert to a colormap image. Then I need to take that image, make it semitransparent, and scale it to fit overtop a background image. This background image will give meaning to the matrix colormap. (Other people can use this for data visualization like weather over maps, etc. )

What I've found out so far are these functions:

    set(image_handle, 'AlphaData', 0.5 * ones(size(matrix)))-> image now transparent 
    imresize(image_matrix, scale)-> scaled image matrix 

from these sources respectively:

  • mathworks.com/help/matlab/ref/image.html
    • mathworks.com/help/images/ref/label2rgb.html
    • mathworks.com/company/newsletters/articles/image-overlay-using-transparency.html
    • mathworks.com/help/images/ref/imresize.html (Sorry, it won't let me post all the links)

The problem comes down choosing between image_handles and image_matrices. Is there some type conversion I can do to help with this?

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What do you mean by "choosing between image_handles and image_matrices"? Do you understand the code used in the "image-overlay-using-transparency" example? –  nkjt Apr 17 at 9:02
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