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I'm trying to add a cookie to the tour so when it ends it doesnt show again when you revisit the page this is my code:

var t = new Tour({
    backdrop: true,
    onShown: function(tour) {
        var stepElement = getTourElement(tour);

    element: "#red",
    title: "red",
    content: "Content"
    element: "#red-stripe",
    title: "stripes",
    content: "Content"
    element: "#p",
    title: "Title",
    content: "Content"

$.cookie('endcookie', 'end', { expires: 7 });

function getTourElement(tour){
    return tour._steps[tour._current].element

this didnt work

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It shouldn't be necessary to use a cookie for this. Bootstrap Tour uses your browser's localStorage to make sure that the user doesn't see the tour more than once.

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