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In Emacs org-mode, I use the command save-some-buffers as a default save command to save all the buffers I've been working with. How do I instruct Emacs to not prompt me to save my Calendar and Org Agenda buffers?

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According the doc of save-some-buffers, it will "Save some modified file-visiting buffers". So Calendar and Org Agenda will not be processed. Do you encounted any problem? –  songyuanyao Apr 17 at 9:15

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If these are file buffers, then you can tell Emacs to save them without prompting by setting buffer-save-without-query (of course, you only want to set it buffer-locally in those buffers). And if these aren't file buffers, then Emacs prompts you only if buffer-offer-save is non-nil in that buffer, so you can avoid the prompt by setting that variable back to its nil default (in which case it won't save those buffers for you).

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In Aquamacs, after I launch org-agenda, then I can't save-some-buffers or save-buffers-kill-terminal without it prompting me to save random buffers. This does not occur in GNU Emacs. But in GNU Emacs, it now prompts me to save my .bbdb buffer. –  Peter Salazar Apr 18 at 2:20

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