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We are currently using Jquery-1.10.2.js, JQueryMobile-1.3.2.js**. We are facing the below issue only on Windows 8.

Issue: The validation scripts for username, password does not work upon logout of the application. Steps to reproduce this issue in the attached sample application link

1)enter username and password,Click login button                 

It will take you to Myaccount.html

2)Click logout button in Myaccount page   

It will take you to Main page.

3)try to give valid username and password in main page   

And press login button

We are not able to read values from text fields .

FYI, we have added the below lines of code before $.ajax in Jquerymobile-1.3.2 js file to have the changepage api work properly

 var parts = fileUrl.split("www/");
 fileUrl = "www/" + parts[parts.length - 1];

PS: Please do not ask to update to higher version of Jquery. Our css are designed based upon the mentioned versions, upon migrating we have to rework the css.

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but did you try with newer versions of jQuery? Because if it works there, you SHOULD use it and update what needs updating. The opposite does not make sense. – Idan Adar Apr 17 '14 at 9:37
there is not enough time to rework the css – Shireesh Apr 17 '14 at 10:08
Is this question resolved? What errors do you see in the output view in visual studio after entering the username and password values? – Idan Adar Oct 11 '14 at 8:10

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