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I was wondering, wasnt there any other framework which already exist like Hadoop Yarn for managing the cluster applications and resoursing?

I felt YARN solves a general problem and I was looking out why there wasnt any other framework which tried doing this already.

I have googled but didn't find such which is similar to Hadoop Yarn. Is there any thing similar to YARN?

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Do you mean managing Hadoop resources? Or any distributed / cluster computing resources? – Derek Apr 17 '14 at 21:50
I mean any generic framework which is used for managing distributed resources and applications – Ravi Teja Ch N V Apr 26 '14 at 16:53

There are many resource provisioning and scheduling programs. To name a few, there is HTCondor, SLURM, PBS, LSF, SGE (or variants). Each one takes a job, or multiple jobs, and schedules them on a distributed set of worker nodes. Each has their strengths and weaknesses. Some are free, such as HTCondor, Slurm, and torque. Some cost, such as LSF and SGE (though free versions exist, for SGE). It all depends on your needs.

FWIW, the original Google paper that inspired Hadoop cited HTCondor, so you may be interested trying it out.

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