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I have one problem. I work with the pictures and writing. I want to write in Panel and after export it in 600*600 DPI bitmap Currently I have one Panel In default who make 600 px in Width and 300 in Height (so 1" in Width and 0.5" in Height) And I add textbox. My problem is this point. If i write in these textbox in font Arial 12, when I export my panel in bitmap I don't have Arial 12 but Arial approximately 2.

I try correct it with one multiplicator equal 600/Screen.DPI(96 for my screen) but the result is more greater that when I write the same text in Word with the same Font.

Do you have some idea? My codes:

internal float _coeffEcranImage;
Graphics g = CreateGraphics();
_coeffEcranImage = 600 / g.DpiX;

zoneImpression.DrawToBitmap(bmp, new Rectangle(0, 0, zoneImpression.Width, zoneImpression.Height));
            Bitmap bitmap = bmp.Clone(new Rectangle(0, 0, zoneImpression.Width, zoneImpression.Height),
            bitmap.SetResolution(600, 600);
            bitmap.Save(lien_bmp, System.Drawing.Imaging.ImageFormat.Bmp);

 NouveauTexte = new Label()
               Font = new Font("Arial", 12*Fp._coeffEcranImage),
               Text = string.Format("Texte"),
               Size = TextRenderer.MeasureText(NouveauTexte.Text, NouveauTexte.Font),
               Location = new Point(Zi.Width / 2 - NouveauTexte.Width / 2, Zi.Height / 2 - NouveauTexte.Height / 2)

Thank you

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have you tried specifying font size in pixels instead of points? see stackoverflow.com/questions/15419744/… –  StephaneT Apr 17 at 10:01
Thanks you for this link : ) –  user3228524 Apr 17 at 10:34
Pretty pointless to lie about it, your panel most certainly isn't painted with 600 dots-per-inch resolution. Even expensive "retina" monitors don't come close. All it does is turn your image into a postage stamp. –  Hans Passant Apr 17 at 13:59
I dont have have problem with my resolution. The solutions is make in 1 point font 1 for screen and for the printer make with 6 point for font 1. Merci Stephane T –  user3228524 Apr 22 at 7:31

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