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I understand that I need to import the packages in


To run Jinterface in Java, this is not included in Java's default libraries but in Erlang's. How do I access this library? Which path should I use? I've google it but found nothing. I am using Ubuntu 13.10. The above code is not enough for this to work.

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If you have done any Java development before, then you know that you should add OtpErlang.jar to your application's class path.

You can do this in the command line, Ant, Maven, Gradle or even in your IDE.

Command line example:

javac -classpath OtpErlang.jar

I use OS X and OtpErlang.jar is under:


Keep in mind that you need to include OtpErlang.jar also when you run your game.

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Try looking in the Jinterface users Guide, they give an example of compiling the Java code.

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