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I am new here so I hope my question does meet the rule here. Please kindly remind me if I did something wrong.

I am currently developing a website with graph using RoR + chartkick. The logic is like this:

[1] This graph describes the activity of a machine over a day.
[2] The "activity" is crafted data as a txt file.
[3] The web page should show the activity within 30min ago - now.
[4] The graph refresh every 2 sec to keep the data fresh (although it is in fact crafted data).

How I did this:

At the beginning, I use controller of the partial to prepare the data (reading data from file, and then cut the selected time to array for chartkick). However, when I did like this, each time partial refresh, it does an extra time-wasting file I/O (file is not changed). Now I put the "data preparation" to main page controller, and hoping to use "passing parameter to partial" to save time (only read file once in main controller, then partial use this ready-at-hand data).

To go into detail, I use the controller of my page to read data and stored in a database

in site_controller.rb, def mainpage:

@somedata1 = File.foreach(File.join(Rails.root, 'public', 'data', 'somedata1.dat')).map{ |line| line.split(' ') }
@somedata2 = File.foreach(File.join(Rails.root, 'public', 'data', 'somedata2.dat')).map{ |line| line.split(' ') }

Then, to refresh the graph only and keep other part of web page static, I use a partial, and I pass the loaded data to it:

In webpage.html.erb:

<div class="thegraph"><%= render partial: 'thegraph', :locals => {:pre_data1 => @somedata1, :pre_data2 => @somedata2} %></div>

pre_data1 & pre_data2 is processed in controller of partial (details omitted here).

In _thegraph.html.erb:

<%= javascript_include_tag 'thegraph' %>
<%= area_chart(@data1, height: "200px", min: 0, max: 2) %>
<%= area_chart(@data2, height: "200px", colors: ["pink", "#999"], min: 99, max: 100) %>

@data1/@data2 is the processed data from controller of partial

In thegraph.js: (I use this to refresh timely)

    function() {
        setInterval(function() {
    }, 1000);

Here comes my question:

I am quite confident that when refresh, the partial does not get the data from main page. I guess that when partial is refreshed, as it refreshes by itself, it does not contact with the main page.

I guess I expressed my requirement clearly. May I have any idea about what I am wrong, or the correct way to implement this requirement?

Thanks for any answer in advance!

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