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I am developing a WPF project, which has own user control library. There I have to make a common style for all DataGrids ScrollBars. How can I add such style as a resource within that project, and apply it globally in it?

In WPF application, I can use App.xaml to accomplish that. But I have no idea how to do that in Control Library.

Please help (:

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See this link stackoverflow.com/questions/3115783/… –  DLR Apr 17 at 10:58

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UserControls are not contained in one App.xaml so there is no way of achieving this the way WPF app does. But if you want this Style to be applied to every DataGrid ScrollBar you need to define Style that applies to every DataGrid i.e.

<Style x:Key="{x:Type local:DataGrid}" TargetType="local:DataGrid">

and then inside of the style target the Scrollbar as follows:

<Style TargetType="ScrollBar">

when defined in your App.xaml it will target every DataGrid's ScrollBar.
You need to define this style in your App.xaml and when you use your UC it will be applied to them unconditionally.
If you want to add the Stye to existing one you need to add BasedOn:{StaticResource nameOfYourStyle}.
Example based on MSDN ScrollBar and DataGrid example Styles.

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