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I have been working on ffmpeg for one of my projects. I am trying to utilize the ffmpeg static or shared libraries for my Android x86 project. I have followed the steps provided by Intel on this weblink https://software.intel.com/en-us/android/blogs/2013/12/06/building-ffmpeg-for-android-on-x86. When I try to build my project, I encountered a three errors. I have been trying to rectify them from the past one week, I have tried all possible methods with no results.

jni/jniplayer/jniplayer.cpp:1244: error: undefined reference to 'sws_freeContext' jni/jniplayer/jniplayer.cpp:1384: error: undefined reference to 'sws_scale' jni/jniplayer/jniplayer.cpp:1371: error: undefined reference to 'sws_getContext'

I have used arm libraries previously to build my Android arm project that compiled with no problems. Maybe, I am missing a few steps with x86. As all the above errors are generated only with x86.

I suppose that the issue resides with the enabling of the macro for x86 platform.

#define USE_SWSCALE 0
#define USE_SWSCALE 1

Only when USE_SWSCALE is enabled, functions such as sws_getcontext get enabled in ffmpeg.

Have someone encountered such errors before. Kindly, please offer me some help with this issue. Thanks in advance for any answers.

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