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In vsphere java SDK there is Browser sample class that shows how to list virtual machines

ManagedObjectReference containerView =
vimPort.createContainerView(viewManager, folder,
Arrays.asList("VirtualMachine"), true);

How can I check if such virtual machine is template ? Or better how to query about template virtual machines, so as to get only templates in soap response ?

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To check a VM is template or not. You can check for vm_obj.config.template .

The VirtualMachine manged object has the property config which is of type VirtualMachineConfigInfo . And in the VirtualMachineConfigInfo you can find the boolean template property.

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do I have to fetch all virtual machines from vcenter and than in java check config.template, or it is possible to filter them and fetch only managed object references with config.template = true ? – bastiat Apr 25 '14 at 10:01
You have to iterate through all the VMs and have to check the template property. So for each vminfo VirtualMachineConfigInfo vminfo = vm.getConfig(); Check vminfo.isTemplate() – Reuben Apr 28 '14 at 11:45

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