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I have some pages on my public website that display charts generated by ASP.NET Chart controls. How can I prevent them from being indexed by Google and other search engines?

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When you configure the chart control you can setup the location that information is saved to, then simply setup a Robots.txt file to disallow indexing of content from that folder.

More information on Robots.txt to disallow image indexing can be found here.

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Maybe there's no other way, but doing this in a robots.txt doesn't make for a very cohesive development experience for our particular situation. Currently, we don't do anything in our robots.txt. It'd be nice if there was something equivalent to a rel="nofollow" for images. That would make these chart snippets a lot more portable. – Larsenal Feb 22 '10 at 18:58

You can create a Robots.txt file. I believe most major search providers honors this.

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Google have some answers on the subject

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