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I know this question was asked at least once before and I have read the other answers. They helped me bypass this problem (there are at least two tricks for this), but what I am asking here is why do I have this problem in my particular setup.

My website is here: problem webpage

Scroll towards the bottom and you'll see a div (class "two_third") with tabbed content (it has gray background, you won't miss it). The titles of the three tabs are links (<a> elements), but they're no longer clickable. The problem disappears when I remove "float:left" from the div that's immediately to the right (the one with the title "Package content", class "one_third").

What I suspect so far is that "one_third" overlaps with and adds some form of layer over "two-third", thus making links inside "two_third" become unclickable. But this is totally speculation and I have no idea why there would be any overlap, since there's enough space for the two divs to live side by side without any conflicts.

Kindly appreciate your suggestions

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You have a DIV <div class="horizotal_break clearfix"></div>. That is on top of the two_third DIV. You can't select text from two_third either. If you remove position:relative; from #content .horizotal_break it should be working fine.

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Oh, nice, looks like I was on the wrong track suspecting the other div on the right. I looked at the page using both Firebug and Firefox's default "Inspect Element" tool, I added solid colored borders around my divs to see if there's any overlap, but none gave me any indication of whom was on top of who. How did you know it was the clearfix div ? –  Mihaela Apr 18 '14 at 12:17
I use Chrome but in Firebug it is the same, if you hover over a div then it will be highlighted on your page. I hovered over all elements near two_third and saw that div was in the same place and then I looked at the CSS and spotted the position:relative;. You can also fix it by adding z-index:2; to two_third and z-index:1; to clearfix div. –  Tom Spee Apr 18 '14 at 12:44
Ah, now I see the problem. I was looking at the clearfix div above the two_third and you were talking about the one below, which I completely missed when inspecting the page myself ! Now I see the overlap. I can either set "position: static", insert a "<b class="clear">&nbsp;</b>" before the overlapping clearfix div or use the z-index approach. But I'm still wondering why the position:relative made that clearfix div extend upwards so much as to overlap my other divs. I hope I'm not abusing your kindness by asking your opinion on this further. –  Mihaela Apr 18 '14 at 15:50
It is because two-third and one-third have a float. So if you check the section they are in with Firebug you see that the height is only the height of the title and not including the height of two-third and one-third. Because the .horizontal_break clearfix below the section has position:relative; it will order itself to his previous element which was the section with the small height. –  Tom Spee Apr 19 '14 at 8:27

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