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I've tried to configure distributed db's with replication mechanism in OrientDB. I used the tutorial: (

One DB is on my local host: and the other one is on a VirtualMachine with bridged network interface. Ping is successful. When I start the first DB and then the second one everything works fine until the DB should be copied to the other machine. I've received the following error messages / exceptions:

error on installing database TEST_DATABASE in C:\orientdb-community-1.7-rc2/databases/TEST_DATABASE
-> cannot be cast to

-> com.orientechnologies.orient.server.hazelcast.OHazelcastPlugin.executeOnLocalNode(

-> com.orientechnologies.orient.server.hazelcast.OHazelcastDistributedDatabase.onMessage(

-> com.orientechnologies.orient.server.hazelcast.OHazelcastDistributedDatabase$

and the following exception is thrown:

-> Source)Exception in thread "main"
No response received from remote nodes for auto-deploy of database
        at com.orientechnologies.orient.server.hazelcast.OHazelcastPlugin.installNewDatabases(
        at com.orientechnologies.orient.server.hazelcast.OHazelcastPlugin.startup(
        at com.orientechnologies.orient.server.OServer.registerPlugins(
        at com.orientechnologies.orient.server.OServer.activate(
        at com.orientechnologies.orient.server.OServerMain.main(

My TEST_DATABASE was created as plocal. It is a ObjectDatabase. I've also tried to manually copy the DB to the other machine. The problem is that when changes are made on one machine, no data is replicated. All configurations are standard configurations, so I haven't changed it. Could you please help me?

Thank you

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I've tested the same with OrientDB version 1.6.4 and everything works fine and as aspected. Why is that? What are the main changes between those versions and is it possible to configure a working replication example with OrientDB 1.7RC2? – user3422749 Apr 17 '14 at 14:45
Replication is still not working ... just the copying process of a database to another new machine is working. But when I modify a database entry on machine 1 the modifictaion is not replicated to machine 2 although both machines are connected. No messages are exchanged. It is still the default configuration..... Any hints? – user3422749 Apr 17 '14 at 16:07
Who is working with OrientDB and could send me working config-files / a working replication scenario? Please help me to solve that problem... – user3422749 Apr 18 '14 at 0:09
Please try last 1.7-SNAPSHOT – Lvca Apr 18 '14 at 13:20
Hi Luca, thanks for the response. Could you please read the message above (also on google groups). Many thanks!!! :) – user3422749 Apr 18 '14 at 14:39

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