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Seems like a mystery to me. I've read the referenced Q&A on this, but it still doesn't work. A bug? A Preference setting? .

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Works for me. Select symbol then option-doubleClick. The little window pops up.

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The research assistant in 3.2 has been replaced with Quick help under the Help menu. Look there.

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Research Assistant was replaced by Quick Help in Xcode 3.2. Quoting What's New in Xcode 3.2:

Xcode provides you with fast access to documentation through an improved and streamlined Documentation window and Quick Help (a revamped implementation of the Research Assistant).


Quick Help is a lightweight window that provides essential information about the symbol selected in the text editor without taking away the focus from the editor. From Quick Help you can jump to the header file that declares the symbol or to the symbol’s API reference. For details, see “Using the Research Assistant” in Xcode Workspace Guide.

You can learn how to access it via "Using Quick Help" in any of the following ways:

  • Help > Quick Help
  • Ctrl-Command-?
  • Option-Double-Click
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