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I am writing my first camel application. it is a standalone application with a main method. As starting point i used the maven camel java archetype. It provides a simple main method that calls

Now i re-factored it a little bit and pulled the out in a new class (and method) that will be my main-control of all camel stuff. Now i want to create the "opposite" method of run(). At the moment i want to implement tests for single routs that start (run()) the context then wait (at the moment i am unsure how to wait 'til a route is finished) and the stop the context.

But now i discovered many method that could start and stop stuff all in Main class. The Jvadoc didn't help - that some methods are inherited doesn't make it easier ;-). So someone please tell me the exact meaning (or use case) for:

Thanks in advance.

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See this page about the lifecycle of the various Camel services

And for waiting until a route is finished, then you can check the inflight registry if there is any current in-flight exchanges to know if a route is finished.

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lifecycle describes all but not "run()". What does this do? – dermoritz Apr 23 '14 at 13:06

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