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Good Morning,

I need some help for a specific configuration on a server. Let's say I have two kind of people that will connect to my VPN. Pepole from Group A and people from Group B. I need them to have a different subnet. The only difference between those two group are the common name of the certificate.

So let say I have two subnet sub1: sub2:

People from the group A have a certificat like Axxxxxx People from the group B have a certificat like Bxxxxxx

I want people from the group A to connect to sub1 and people from the group B to connect to sub2

I thought about using the client-config-dir directive. On client connect, I will use a script to determine if they are from group A or B, and then I will create the good configuration. My problem is that I don't know how to give them the right adresses. I mean I'm supose to use ifconfig but I want them to pick the adress in a subnet.

Is it possible to tell them to look for an adresses in a subnet from the client config file?


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