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today I have a question regarding the use of a linker description file to store callback function pointers dynmicaly at a specific address range.

I have an evaluation board with an embedded cpu. Lets say, the flash memory starts at address 0xA0000000. There is a second flash memory at 0xB0000000. The first flash memory will contain some bootup code and basic functionality. The second flash memory contains a program, which will be seperately flashed on the device. It is independent of the one inside the first flash memory. But I need to call 2 functions of the basic software out of the independent one. The Functions are of a c++ class. An instance of that class is created after bootup and i want to store the function pointers at a specific adress so the programm in the second flash can call them.

I tried it with the singleton pattern and a static function. i thought this way i might be able to bind the static function to a specific section within .text and to put that at a specific address. But name mangeling makes that impossible.

Another attempt was to store the function pointers in ram at a specific address. But i couldnt figure out how to leave some space. I found the ALIGN command but didn't understand its purpose properly. I just wanted to define a symbol in ldf of type function pointer so i can later than overwrite its value.

Do you have any suggestions how to achieve my goal?

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