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Hello I need to access every pixels of an ImagePlus for image analysis.

Because of the huge amount of images to process, I was wondering if there are special effective ways/methods to access and/or modify each pixel from an imagePlus? The only idea I naturally come out with is double for-looping through the image matrix, which takes me several dozens of seconds to achieve on a 1000x1000 image. Here is my code:

ImagePlus Iorg = IJ.openImage("Demo1.png");
int[] pix = Iorg.getPixel(5, 5);
if(Iorg.getSlice() != 1) {

for(int w=0; w< Iorg.getDimensions()[0]; w++) {
    for(int h=0; h<Iorg.getDimensions()[1]; h++) {
       System.out.println(w + " x " + h);
       // DO what needs to be done      

Any idea?

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1) System.out.print will take so much time. 2. Try to use library methods rather than for loops. 3) What are you trying to do inside DO what needs to be done? –  smttsp Apr 17 '14 at 13:39
For now I would like to divide every pixel by the maximum intensity, which is 255. Indeed I removed System.out.print and it now takes 1 second to loop through the whole matrix :P –  kaligne Apr 17 '14 at 14:08
For division you could use Iorg.getProcessor().multiply(<factor>) to do the math without looping. I think you better have the image be 32bit float before doing this. –  Kota Apr 17 '14 at 14:21

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Since images are uchar, what you want to do is the equivalent of

     selected_pixel = 1; 
     selected_pixel = 0 

You can create mask, that would be easier. I don't know in java ImagePlus but in matlab it is mask = image==255;.

Try to use those kind of matrix operations according to your need. I'm sure these methods should be somewhere inside the library(if ImagePlus is image processing library.)

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