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I have a crosstab that I would like to have automatically centered (left to right) on the page. I would have thought this a simple thing.

For example, on a web page I could do something like "align=center". In a java GUI I would use a layout manager. In GWT I would use a panel. In Word I would use Ctrl-E. In Latex, \centering.

Please help me find the magic incantation to force Crystal XI to do my bidding.

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Unfortunately, I don't think the option exists. Personally, when I make a crosstab in a CR report, I make a subreport with some horizontal & vertical lines and insert that into the main report instead. It takes more work, and of course it can only handle a fixed number of columns, but I think it looks better. – PowerUser Feb 23 '10 at 20:26
if i had a fixed number of columns i could center it by hand. sadly, that is not the case. – Peter Recore Feb 24 '10 at 3:05

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