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I have a C+ addin in Excel that needs to pass a com object from a com dll (written in Delphi) to a com+ dll written in c#.

So I have:

  • c# - CSStore and EsAddin.
  • Delphi - KSrvr

kSrvr has an Object Job that is returned from a method. CSStore has a mehod that takes a KSrvr.Job. But it will not let me pass the Job object I got from the kSrvr instance to the CSStore instance in the EsAddin. Note these cannot be registered in the GAC unless no alternative.

KSrvr k = new KSrvr();
kSrvr.Job aJob = k.Application.CurrentJob();

CSStore c = new CSStore();
c.QueueJob (aJob);

gives the exception

"The argument type 'System.__ComObject' cannot be converted into parameter type 'KSrvr.Job'."

I have tried using:

kSrvr.Job aJob = k.Application.CurrentJob() as KSrvr.Job 

but that was the same exception and aJob is still a __ComObject.

trying to get the job by using

KSrvr.Job aJob = (KSrvr.Job)Marshal.CreateWrapperOfType (
  typeof KSrvr.Job));

gives the exception

error the Type must be __ComObject or derived from __ComObject

How can I do this has anyone any ideas?

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have you tried using dynamic? –  SWeko Apr 17 at 13:27
Ahh thank you that works did not knwo about the use of that –  user2903089 Apr 17 at 15:11

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