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I want check whether particular string is present within string or not. And i want to get position matching.

For Eg:

$actual_string = "red";
$searching_string = "green red yellow";

As we know , above searching string "red" matches with actual string, and position matched is 7th(including space).

$output = 7;//red matched at 7th position

Is is possible to get above requirement? Please help

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@DKasipovic Almost nothing is impossible for PHP(and other language). If there is no strait way , start a long way. For this , I'll go with explode(split strings into array) then search if 3arrays in order have r,e,d. That's TOTALLY POSSIBLE –  Poomrokc The 3years Apr 17 at 13:33
@PoomrokcThe3years you got me now. I really do not have appropriate response. –  DKasipovic Apr 17 at 13:33
@All , be nicer to this question please. –  Poomrokc The 3years Apr 17 at 13:34
The amount of sarcasm in these comments is too dam* high –  Royal Bg Apr 17 at 13:36
Hai to all thanks for your valuable comments. I think there is no way to get solution for this :(. Googled a-lot. Any other ways to do this? –  Thangapandiyan M D Apr 17 at 13:53

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Try with strpos like

echo strpos($searching_string, $actual_string);

But it will consider the string position that starts from 0.So you need to +1 for the position to get the correct position.

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Thanks for your answer, it does't worked in my case. Because above returns only full word is matched.In my case,any searching string which matches within actual string. Best eg: $actual_string = "red/blue/green"; $searching_string = "green black"; –  Thangapandiyan M D Apr 17 at 13:41
@ThangapandiyanMD, then your question is not clear enough. This answer is correct for what you asked. Your comment here only confuses matters. –  Chris Apr 17 at 14:37

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