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I am writing an apache-camel RabbitMQ consumer. I would like to react somehow to connection problems (i.e. try to reconnect). Is it possible to configure apache-camel to automatically reconnect?

If not, how can I find out that a connection to the queue was interrupted? I've done the following test:

  • start the queue (and some producer)
  • start my consumer (it was getting messages as expected)
  • stop the queue (the messages stopped arriving, as expected, but no exception was thrown)
  • start the queue (no new messages were received)

I am using camel in Scala (via akka-camel), but a Java solution would be probably also OK

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If you are using Akka then this sounds like the perfect case for supervision. Have a separate supervisor for your camel consumer endpoint actor that get the connection failure exception from the consumer actor and then decides whether or not to send a message back to the child to restart it or not. That way you separate the consumption of data from the semantic of connection management –  cmbaxter Apr 17 '14 at 13:31
But I am not getting an exception within the consumer actor, thus I don't know how to detect that an endpoint is not working –  jfu Apr 17 '14 at 13:39
Are you sure that your consumer actor is not receiving other messages (like failures) that you just might not be handling in the receive PF? You can add a case any => println(any) and then see if that gets hit when the connection failure occurs. –  cmbaxter Apr 17 '14 at 13:43
I have the Any case, nothing is catched –  jfu Apr 17 '14 at 14:04

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Current camel-rabbitmq just create a connection and the channel when the consumer or producer is started. So it don't have a chance to catch the connection exception :(.

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For automatic RabbitMQ resource recovery (Connections/Channels/Consumers/Queues/Exchanages/Bindings) when failures occur, check out Lyra. Example usage:

Config config = new Config()
  .withRecoveryPolicy(new RecoveryPolicy()
ConnectionOptions options = new ConnectionOptions().withHost("localhost");
Connection connection = Connections.create(options, config);

The rest of the API is just the amqp-client API, except your resources are automatically recovered when failures occur.

I'm not sure about camel-rabbitmq specifically, but hopefully there's a way you can swap in your own resource creation via Lyra.

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