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We have a global client who has five country sites-



We have setup sitemap.xml files inside each folder.



Now, will Google pick up these automatically inside each folder, or do we have to specify each sitemap inside the parent robots.txt? I ask because apparently, based on Google help, robots.txt can only be in the parent domain, once. So even if we put a robots.txt file inside each country's folder, it's useless -- the respective sitemap won't be picked up.

How should we specify Google to pick it up?

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You should gather all your sitemaps into a single .XML file, and then submit it to the Google Webmaster Tools. If you wish your sitemap to be indexed by other SE (w/o manual submitting), then name your XML sitemap as sitemap.xml and place it to the site's root, e.g.: site.com/sitemap.xml

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