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I have a UserControlB which exposes a Title property of type string. I then have a UserControlA which contains one UserControlB and exposes a property called MyNestedControl which returns the instance of UserControlB.

In my main page I'm declaring a UserControlA and I'm trying to set the value of the Title property as follow MyNestedControl.Title="ABC".

However, Visual Studio throws a compile error saying that Title does not exist on the Type UserControlA.

Is this type of nesting possible through xaml? Please see below the full code.

Many thanks, Bruno

    <TextBlock x:Name="txtBlock" />

public partial class UserControlB : UserControl {
  public string Title
    get { return this.txtBlock.Text; }
    set { this.txtBlock.Text = value; }

    <local:UserControlB x:Name="userControlB" />

public partial class UserControlA : UserControl {
  public UserControlB MyNestedControl
    get { return this.userControlB; }

    <local:UserControlA x:Name="userControlA" MyNestedControl.Title="ABC" />
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You're using the syntax for attached properties to try to set a 'nested' property.

Silverlight is looking for a 'Title' property defined in the 'MyNestedControl' class for the 'UserControlA' class.

This type is nesting is not possible (nor desireable - you're violating the law of demeter) in Xaml.

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Thanks, understood :-) – Bruno Feb 24 '10 at 11:09

I think that you have to make the properties you want accessible through xaml DependencyProperties.

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Try to use CustomControl insted UserControl.

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