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I have a number of 3x3 matricess that I want to multiply together For example:


Although MTL is a recommended way, I don't have this library and can't use it.

Can someone please suggest a conventional way to multiply these 3x3 matrices (all matrices m1 to m5). Code snippet (for matrix multiplication and multiplying n matrices together) or pointer to some online code will be very useful

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How are the matrices defined? –  jalf Feb 22 '10 at 19:27
Is performance critical? Do you need to use your platform's vector extensions? (Would that be SSE?) –  Potatoswatter Feb 22 '10 at 19:28
I wrote a set of tensor math classes once...picky detailed work, but not hard if you're not reaching for screaming fast performance. Be more specific and we might be able to help. –  dmckee Feb 22 '10 at 19:28
What exactly is it about the matrix multiplication that you don't know? The definition? Implementation? Operator overloading? What the function signature should look like? –  user180326 Feb 22 '10 at 19:31

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Here is a package of very useful math routines including 3x3 matrix multiplication. The C++ template classes are implemented as header files that can be simply dropped into a project. The overloaded operators make code using this package look very clean. You can preview the implementation of the 3D vector template class online.

Here is a list of all the files in the archive, with those specific for 3x3 matrix multiplication highlighted in bold:

  • Assert.c
  • Assert.h
  • intersect.cpp
  • intersect.h
  • line2.h
  • Line3.h
  • main.cpp
  • Math.dsp
  • Math.dsw
  • Matrix2.h
  • Matrix3.h
  • matrix4.h
  • MatrixN.h
  • plane.h
  • quaternion.h
  • random.h
  • Rect.h
  • Spline.cpp
  • Spline.h
  • Utility.h
  • vector2.h
  • vector3.h
  • vector4.h
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This site has code for multiplying two 3x3 matrices together: http://www.euclideanspace.com/maths/algebra/matrix/resources/code/index.htm#mul3.

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