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I am having some problems referencing some text from my xml files.

I have some xml documents (docbook 5.0 documents).

They all include a specific part from another xml file like this:

<xi:include href="path/to/myFile.xml" 

The referenced section has entities (like $productname;), that should be declared in the referencing document.

When I declare those entities in the referencing xml file, the referenced xml file does not inherit those entities.

I have searched all over the net but haven't found any solutions for this problem. Is what I'm doing in principle possible with xinclude? If not, how can I manage this problem with another techniques?

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I don't think it can work. See the third bullet here: sagehill.net/docbookxsl/ModularDoc.html#XincludeTextEntities. –  mzjn Apr 18 at 15:40

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