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I'm trying to replace something like this:

NSSomeFunction(@"some var", @"another one")


NSSomeOhterFunction(@"some var")

In Xcode. So these are source files... I bet the regular expression will look something like this:

NSSomeFunction\((.*), .+\)

But I need this to be lazy. Otherwise .+) will match the last parenthesis occurrence rather than the first (for example both parenthesis in the end would be replaced with a single one given this string: "NSLog(@"%@", NSSomeFunction(@"hey", @"lol"))" ).

How to do lazy search like this? I think you can do this in pearl using the modifier /U (ungreedy). Though Xcode does not seem to support that.

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The /U modifier is found in PHP, not Perl, and it makes all quantifiers non-greedy by default, or greedy if followed by ?. To quote Friedl, "I would guess that the primary effect of this pattern modifier is to create confusion, so I certainly don't recommend it." oreilly.com/catalog/regex3/index.html –  Alan Moore Aug 1 '10 at 21:29

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usually the ? will indicate non-greedy match, so for .+) you would use .+?)

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Thanks, this worked. –  quano Feb 22 '10 at 19:33

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