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I have a .mdf database file created with Visual Studio 2012 using Entity Framework.

I tried to secure my database with a password but I don't find a way to do that, please help me. Thanks in advance

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Databases are typically secured by user accounts and passwords. If you need to protect the data at rest, consider block-level encryption products (e.g., Vormetric). –  PeterB Apr 17 at 14:39
A SQL Server database (.mdf) cannot be password protected like a file-based system such as Access or something like that. You have to define access permissions on a per-user basis - you cannot globally define a password to lock/unlock the SQL Server database –  marc_s Apr 17 at 15:06
What are you trying to accomplish in the long run? –  Maksym Strukov Apr 17 at 20:33
Sql Compact database *.sdf can be password protected. –  VDohnal May 19 at 8:55

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