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I would like to force the date of the check-in in TFS. Is there any way?

I got the following code, but could not find any way to pass a check-in date:

Dim tfsChangeSet = tfsVersionControl.Workspace.CheckIn(tfsPendingChanges,
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Are you looking for a "wait until some date" feature or are you looking to fudge a past check-in date? –  Austin Salonen Feb 22 '10 at 20:16
I am writing an import utility from svn 2 tfs, so I am needing a reproduce past commits to tfs. So I am looking to fudge a past check-in date –  Michele Di Cosmo Feb 23 '10 at 9:07
Use the TFS Integration / Migration toolkit: codeplex.com/TFSIntegration –  Richard Berg Feb 23 '10 at 9:31

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This is not possible. Checkin Date is determined by the server. Best you can do is dynamically adjust the clock on the server machine, but that's highly unsupported. If you change it in such a way that TFS's internal assumptions are no longer valid, you might render the database unusable.

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Then why does the tf.exe command line tool allow a date to be specified as an argument to the checkin subcommand? –  user37078 Mar 2 '10 at 14:44
It does? C:\Users\rberg> tf checkin -? TF - Team Foundation Version Control Tool Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Commits pending changes in the current workspace to Team Foundation version control. tf checkin [/author:author name] [/comment:("comment"|@commentfile)] [/noprompt] [/notes:("Note Name"="note text"|@notefile)] [/override:(reason|@reasonfile)] [/recursive] [/saved] [/validate] [itemspec] –  Richard Berg Mar 2 '10 at 18:58
Mistaken. I just came here to withdraw and you've already responded. Sorry. –  user37078 Mar 2 '10 at 19:17

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