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I just wrote my first Wicket component :) It contains a ListView with some Radio input fields. Now I want to unit test if a selected value makes its way to the model.

As WicketTester.newFormTester("myForm") expects a form, I try to create a form on the fly:

public void testDataBinding()
    Model model = ...
    MyRadioComponent myRadioComponent = new MyRadioComponent (...);
    Form form = new Form("myForm", ...);
    WicketTester wicketTester = new WicketTester();
    // FormTester formTester = wicketTester.newFormTester("myForm");
    // ...

Now wicketTester.startComponentInPage(form) results in:

Failed: Component [myForm] (path = [0:x]) must be applied to a tag of type [form], 
        not: '<span wicket:id="myForm" id="myForm3">'

Any idea how to fix this and/or how to test such an input component the right way?

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I believe startComponentInPage uses a <span> for its component. Wicket checks that Forms are attached to <form> tags which is why you get this error.

You need to create your own test page with a <form> inside it. See org.apache.wicket.markup.html.form.NumberTextFieldTest for an example of inline markup. Otherwise, create a Form test page class with associated html markup file.

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OK, in detail the solution now looks like this:

public FormTester createFormTester(Component c) {
    final WicketTester wicketTester = new WicketTester();
    final FormPage page = new FormPage(c);
    return wicketTester.newFormTester(page.getPathToForm());

private static class FormPage extends WebPage implements IMarkupResourceStreamProvider {

    private final Form<Void> form;
    private final Component c;

    private FormPage(final Component c) {
        this.c = c;
        add(form = new Form<>("form"));

    public String getPathToForm() {
        return form.getPageRelativePath();

    public IResourceStream getMarkupResourceStream(MarkupContainer container, Class<?> containerClass) {
        return new StringResourceStream(
                + "<form wicket:id='" + form.getId() + "'><span wicket:id='" + c.getId() + "'/></form>"
                + "</body></html>");
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