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I have the following code that builds a cookie:

$username = $_COOKIE['ID_my_site'];
    $pass = $_COOKIE['Key_my_site'];
    $firstName = $_COOKIE['firstName'];
    $lastName = $_COOKIE['lastName'];
    $active = $_COOKIE['active'];
    $email = $_COOKIE['emailAddress'];

then when using:

echo "<b>Username:</b> <? " . $username . "?>";
        echo "<a href=logout.php>Logout</a>";

The value is not printed as expected.

Can the community explain why and provide me with the correct method for echoing the value to the relevant output device?

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The code you've given does not build a cookie, it reads from the $_COOKIE array. –  hakre Jun 3 '12 at 18:29

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I suspect that you never set $_COOKIE['ID_my_site']. You could do a print_r($_COOKIE); to see what it contains. I don't recommend using cookie like this, its against RFC. If you need to keep this information throughout the session then you should use $_SESSION. This also keeps malicious people from changing their cookie.

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If you're using that syntax exactly, then you haven't echoed the variable at all. Try:

echo "Username: $username"; 
echo "Logout";

I see you've edited your question. If $username is not getting populated, try outputting all of $_COOKIE to see what's in there first.

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Keep variables out of your string! Use echo "Username: " . $username; instead. –  Douwe Maan Feb 22 '10 at 20:27
I find that the VERY slight performance hit I take on interpolating the variable is more than outweighed by the increased readability of the code. YMMV. –  dnagirl Feb 22 '10 at 20:29

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