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So, Am writing a Qunit test (with teaspoon as the test runner), for an Ember application that uses ember-simple-auth gem for login authintication, My test is as follows (coffee script) :

#=  require qunit_spec_helper

test "Employee signs in", ->
    fillIn "input.email", "employee1@example.com"
    fillIn "input.user_password", "password1"
    click "button.btn-primary"
  ).andThen ->
   equal(find('h2').length,1, "Welcome to the App")

And here is the Test helper:

QUnit.testStart ->

  Ember.run ->

  Ember.testing = true

QUnit.testDone ->
  Ember.testing = false

QUnit.done ->
  Ember.run ->

When I run the test (keeping any eye on the console), I get the following error:

POST http://localhost:3000/teaspoon/qunit/oauth/token 404 (Not Found)

I can't seem to be able to login, No matter what .. I ran out of ideas, Any help/Advice is highly Appreciated :)

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Ember.SimpleAuth makes a request against the server to authenticate the session when the button is clicked - the route isn't handled by your server though (or the server isn't running at all maybe?) I'd stub the token endpoint for testing, find an example e.g. here: https://github.com/digitalplaywright/eak-simple-auth/blob/master/tests/acceptance/login-test.js

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Thanks for your reply, Is that possible without using sinon ? –  Mawaheb Apr 18 at 9:02
There are other request stubbing libraries as well of course. Or you stub the requests manually (which I wouldn't recommend). –  marcoow Apr 18 at 9:19

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