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I'm trying to override the >> operator for istream to populate an object, but for some reason the data members are inaccessible to the >> operator.

class Record
      int msgid;
      int num_bytes;
      friend std::istream& operator>> (std::istream&, Record&);

std::istream& operator>> (std::istream& input, Record& rec)
    // this works
    int temp;
    input >> temp;
    rec.msgid = 4;

    // this doesn't work
    input >> rec.msgid; // input == false
    input >> rec.num_bytes; // input == false

    return input;

As you can see from the code that works, I can access the class variables, and can read from the stream into a local variable. However, when I try to read from the stream into the class variables, it fails.

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un a class everything is private by default so. add a public or protected keyword before your member –  alexbuisson Apr 17 at 17:05
But shouldn't the friend specifier give me access to private members? –  DJon Apr 17 at 17:08
How do you "read from the stream into the class variables" that fails? Your code works well. –  M M. Apr 17 at 17:08
but anyway it's not the prb –  alexbuisson Apr 17 at 17:09
@DJon No. input >> rec.msgid; should read text, collecting the numerical characters, and then convert that to an integer, which it stores in rec.msgid. The text may be longer or shorter than sizeof(int). –  James Kanze Apr 17 at 17:14

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It appears that the problem was caused by the input data being binary. I solved it by using istream::read() instead.

I'm relatively new to C++ IO, so I didn't realize the extraction/insertion operators were intended only for reading/writing text. Of course, that doesn't explain why it worked when a local variable was used as the destination. Unfortunately, I don't have time to investigate further. I'll just stick to more C-like IO when dealing with binary data, to be safe.

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