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After allot of researching and trying and help of stackoverflowers i made a single player game just the way i dreamed of. Now i want to make a multiplayer game out of it but i cant wrap my head with the concept of multiplayer gaming.

Like my game it has a grid like bejeweld games and if you do something new icons will appear. In the single game the new icons appear in the players grid but in the multiplayer the new icons should appear into the 2 player's grid. (dropping new icons is a function)

So if player 1 does something the function getNewIcons would have to run on player 2's grid and when player 2's grid is full the game is over.

In my code i have 1 grid and all functions work on that grid.

Can someone just explain in plain english what needs to be done so that it can work like a multiplayer game.

I dont know how to ask it in a different way and if someone has great books that show how you make multiplayer games that would be awsome (i cant find them).

Btw the technincal stuff of multiplayer gaming is not what i ask.... I do understand them clearly and did read allot about them.

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What are you asking exactly? –  Fernker Apr 17 '14 at 17:48
@Fernker like what do I need to do to make it a multiplayer. Do I need to make 2 grids ? Do I need player objects ? How can I make sure the function runs on the grid of the 2d player. I don't understand how it would work in code –  MichaelAngelo Apr 17 '14 at 18:25
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You would need:

On the client side:

  • 2 grids on the main screen so that each player can see both his grid and the other player's grid. The grid on the left would always be your grid, the grid on the right the other player's grid.
  • An implementation of a mechanism to both retrieve and send the status of the game to a server, querying a webservice.
  • Every time you make a move on the grid, you should query the webservice to say: "Player X made this move".
  • Every x milliseconds / seconds, send a query to the webservice to get the updates on the other player's grid. Example: You might receive: "Player X made this move" on the other player's device, and would need to update the other player's grid on that device according to the information you receive.

On the server side:

  • A php / mysql server (check LAMP setup in google).
  • Php should run like a web-service.

I won't go into the detail too much, but that should give you an overview of the basic architecture you need.

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I am planning to use a web service(proton or other) the first time so that it's easier for me. But I am not planning to show 2 grids... On phone no room... So do I need to make 2 grids or can I use the the grid on the clients side against the one on the server side (same function-object) or do I just need 2 grids –  MichaelAngelo Apr 18 '14 at 17:42
If you don't want to display what the other player is playing, then it's actually easier :) You just display one grid on the client side and that's it :) Server won't have any corona running, or grid for that matter :) –  Teddy Engel Apr 21 '14 at 14:10

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