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In MyEclipse, when I have a long string, I press "Enter" in the middle of the string, the editor splits it, adds a plus sign, and carries the split off portion to the new line, as follows:

String s = "this is how MyEclipse currently" +
        " auto-formats string splits";

I have a custom Formatter set up, which tells MyEclipse to start the wrap BEFORE binary operators (plus sign in this case). This Formatter works fine when I right-click highlighted code, select Source, then Format:

String s = "this is how I want MyEclipse"
        + " to auto-format";

How can I make Eclipse use that custom Formatter as I type? OR, if I can't, how can I edit the auto-formatter to wrap before the binary operator and not after?

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I just tried this with MyEclipse 2014 (eclips 4.3) and didn't see the problem - pressing enter within a string produced the second formatting that you wanted. As I haven't customised the formatter, this is the default formatting. Perhaps you can try Restore Defaults on the formatter to see if that fixes it, or upgrade MyEclipse, if you're using an old release. –  Tony Weddle Apr 18 '14 at 4:27

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