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**Dispaching event in module with its own moduleContext and configuration ( of messages-commands, services etc , in it ) not working

I have an s:Application called main.mxml:

1) main.mxml:

        <parsley:ContextBuilder config="{config}"/>
        <parsley:Configure />

<mx:ModuleLoader id="Login" url="Login.swf" ready="moduleInit();"/>

2) config.mxml (*)

<parsley:Objects />  // not using it for now.. 

3) Login.mxml ( swf module )

<s:Module >

            <parsley:ContextBuilder config="{LoginConfig}" />
            <parsley:Configure />   


                    public var dispatcher:Function; 

                    private function _onClick():void {
                        dispatcher(new LoginRequestMessage(LoginRequestMessage.LOGIN_REQUEST_MESSAGE));

                <mx:Button label="sendReq" id="btnSnd" click="_onClick()" />    


4) LoginConfig.mxml (Module Context Configuration)

<parsley:Objects .. >

                <parsley:DynamicObject type="{LoginService}"/>  
                <parsley:MapCommand type="{LoginCommand}" selector="{LoginRequestMessage.LOGIN_REQUEST_MESSAGE}"/>  

                import Modules.Login.Application.bussiness.commands.*;
                import Modules.Login.Application.bussiness.services.*;
                import Modules.Login.Application.messages.*;


All the configuration is ok ( it works ( the same code ) but it works only if I change s:module to s:panel (or anything different to a module) or if I keep login as a s:module but moving all configuration from loginConfig ( module config file ) to the "main" context defined in the s:Appplication it works too.

So the problem is with modules : ( the module only works with the first s:application context )

this is what happens when i run or debug the application:

The s:application starts and loads the module, user click on btnSnd button and _onClick() is executed , but when:

dispatcher(new LoginRequestMessage(LoginRequestMessage.LOGIN_REQUEST_MESSAGE));

is executed -> Nothing Happens . There is No dispatching ( see 4) , LoginConfig.mxml source code , mentioned before, for more details.. )

so.. when I use module and its context configuration ( it looks like the module is not attached to the context but it's attached to the s:application context.

as i said before:

A) All Works OK if a move the LoginConfig configuration to the context


B) All works OK if a change Login.mxml from s:module to any displayObject ,like mx:panel for example, but not a module.. ( if i do that ( not using module ), all works ok even if a leave the conf LoginConfig.mxml (the "second context" containing the conf and not moving its conf to the s:app first context)

so, my problem is implementing a module (login) having its own context, configured pointing to its own parsley:objects mxml config file (loginConfig) , and when the module function is disptaching parsley message event in that configured module, nothing happens even when the conf is correct.

C) More of the same.. but: All Works OK if I create a new project, and a put only the module and its context conf , its classes ( message, command, service etc) changing the login.mxml from s:Module to s:Application using loginContext as the unique "main" context.. so that's why I can say that configuration of commands, messages, etc involved in this short example works ok but only doesn't work when using a module and the conf in its own context.

I have made lot of tries but nothing works.. i need to solve this proble as soon as possible, meanwhile, I decided to put all configiration in the first context file ( the s:application context ) keeping the login as a module ( Option (A) as a temporary solution, but I don't like it.. I need a real solution, thanks a lot for all responses

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Welcome to SO! First, you should not scream in your questions or use multiple question marks. It makes it harder to read and understand for everyone. You might want to read stackoverflow.com/help/asking before your continue using this site. Second, if your problem only occurs under certain circumstances you should provide a Minimum Working Example, preferably in form of a repository (bitbucket, github, etc). Third, did you try to connect the modules context manually to the viewroot and parent context? See section 10 in the Parsley documentation. –  dvdgsng Apr 18 at 15:01
Thanks for the response. And sorry if I made some mistakes writing my question, this is the first time I use SO , I will keep all that in mind in the future. –  user3542970 Apr 19 at 5:56
I 've readed Section 10 in parsley documentation but can't find the solution. I will try to provide a minimal working example in form of repository, may be that is the best and more simple way to understand the problem and find a quick solution , thank u very much. –  user3542970 Apr 19 at 6:07
Thanks for editing your post, looks much better now. :) Creating the MWE could indeed help you to understand the problem more completely. Good luck! –  dvdgsng Apr 19 at 16:47

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