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The code below searches a text file that was mmaped successfully in memory for the letter 'a'. Everytime it finds an a it will get the character after the a's address location and store that 32 bit address in another mmap memory area called mmapspace. The problem is that when I go the line after the label _testfoundcharacters: and check the register edi. It doesn't contain the address...it contains a different number. And trying to retreive what's at that location causes a segmentation fault. Not sure what I'm doing wrong. using x86 Linux Assembly. I'd like to be able to do this with only sys calls and no C programming if possible.

This code takes a text file that was mapped using mmap and searches the

mmap for the location of the first letter that comes after any letter a's in the file
MMAPFILE has the starting address of the mmaped file MMAPSPACE is just space allocated to store the addresses we find

movl    MMAPFILE, %eax
xor     %edx, %edx      
xor     %esi, %esi  
movl    %eax, (%edi)        #initialize first location with beginning character (always a +... so its trivial)
inc     %edi 


inc     %eax
movl    %eax, (%edi)    #move WORD POINTER to edi
movl    (%edi), %ebx
inc     %edi            #move edi pointer to next location
jmp     _iterate
movl    MMAPSPACE, %eax     #move the address of the map storing the addresses into eax


movl   (%eax), %edi         #move address of character into edi <---- this line  is the problem!!!
jmp _testarray
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