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let's say that I use VIM or (GVIM) to do something like this:


So, in other words I am replacing any line starting with "1", and replacing it with "xx". however I am only interested to run this command between line numbers (100) and (128).

However, I would like to be able to do it such that instead of me hardcoding the desired line number (#100 in this case), I want the command takes the line number from the line that my cursor is currently on ! How would I do it? I know that I echo line(".") will only display it, and not in fact use the line number in the command.

Thanks, --Rudy

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Why use /g when you know that ^1 will match only once in a line? –  benjifisher Apr 17 at 22:00

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From :help cmdline-ranges:

The default line specifier for most commands is the cursor position…

To specify it outright, however, you can use . — the special character for the current line. (See :help range.)

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oh yea that gave me a hint to actually use the substitute command like this :.,.+128s/^1/xx/g –  Rudy01 Apr 17 at 20:11
Don't forget . can be assumed in many places. e.g. :,+128s/^1/xx/g –  Peter Rincker Apr 17 at 20:11

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