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How can I dynamically change the height of an iFrame containing a Pardot form? I have a Pardot form that is placed on a page in my site via iFrame. I have tried a number of ways to dynamically resize the iFrame depending on the size of the form. When a user submits the form, much of the data is stored and the forms becomes shorter the next time the page is viewed. The iFrame code is as follows:

    style="border: 0" scrolling="no" 


The javascript is as follows:

function resizeIframe(obj) 
    obj.style.height = obj.contentWindow.document.body.scrollHeight + 'px';
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Looks like you've a third-party page loaded on the iframe. If so, you can't access the document within iframe. If it's not a third-party content, just remove the height attribute from the iframe tag. Where's Java? –  Teemu Apr 17 at 20:28
Most browsers won't let javascript access the contents of an iframe from a different domain. However, you'll have much better luck with onreadystatechange than you will with onload. –  Dave Apr 17 at 20:52
@Dave What you mean with "most browsers"? Any of them won't. If they would, that would be a huge security risk. –  Teemu Apr 17 at 20:53
I was striving for brevity. –  Dave Apr 17 at 20:56
Java and Javascript have very little in common. Your code is Javascript, not Java. –  Lee Taylor May 12 at 21:32

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Try using CSS to assign a class, called mine frame-pardot and don't set the height.

.frame-pardot {

<iframe src="????????????" class="frame-pardot" scrolling="no">

Then you can also adjust for mobile devices using @media

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There is a good thread about that here: Resizing an iframe based on content And iframe resize lib here https://github.com/davidjbradshaw/iframe-resizer (I haven't yet check that plugin, but hope it could help you)

Articles above contain many usefull links.

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