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I'm getting started with Vagrant and spent some time installing packages, setting up my DB and adding some data to the DB. Now that I have a base working box for my development environment, I would like to share this image with colleagues, that they can use as local VMs.

Is this not possible with vagrant? I just tried vagrant package and then destroyed it and did a vagrant up with my config.vm.box_url pointed to that packaged box location. To my dismay none of my installed packages, or files and configurations were included with my packaged vm.

Am I misunderstanding what vagrant is for or perhaps expecting vagrant to do something it's not designed to do here? If installed packages aren't the purpose of vagrant package, then what use cases is it for?

I've read through the docs and not found answers to these questions there.

Of course I can provision everything, and I'll get there too, but it's not what I'm getting at in this question.

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I've since come to the conclusion that vagrant is basically for provisioning. If I need this I can just use virtual-box, but provisioning is a better approach because system packages and application dependencies etc. are a moving target.

Using provisioning allows future provisions to stay up to date and potentially expose incompatibilities.

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I'm glad you've found out about the benefits of provisioning. I would recommend a very useful provisioning project called Vaprobash. I personally use it to set up my development environment and it is extremely useful. Just generate a Vagrant file with it and share with your colleagues. –  Hassan May 7 at 20:11

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