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I wan't to protect the code of my node-webkit desktop application packaged in an exe file. The problem is not on the file directly but with the dedicated port for remote debugging.

Perhaps I haven't understood something but, on Windows, if I execute a "netstat -a -o" command, I see an open port associated to the application and if I open this port on my browser, I have a page with "Inspectable WebContents" and a link to the webkit application.

With this debug window, it's possible to access to all the sources of the app and I don't know how to disable this feature.

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I believe this is still opened issue, look here – Priler Sep 21 '15 at 17:38

According to this wiki page, remote debugging seems to be executed only through the command line.

So, until nw.js supports disable functionality for Content API of Chromium switches, there is no way to prevent remote debugging.

But when blocking the chromium command line switches(or only --remote-debugging-port) can be prevent remote debugging.

For example:

const gui = require('nw.gui');
const app = gui.App;

for (let element of app.fullArgv) {
    // app.argv has only user's switches except for the chromium args
    if (app.argv.indexOf(element) < 0) {
        app.quit(1); // invalid args!

However, I'm not sure you can protect your application code. It is because the nw.js using web browser internally. So, the application code archive extracted in temporary folder at execution. For details:

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