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Is it possible to have multiple conditions that can evaluate to true in an if statement? Primarily just shorthand to save some time:


if value = 1 or value = 9 or value = 3 or value = 17 Then return True

Im wondering if there is something to this effect (could not find in MSDN)

if value = 1,9,3,17 Then return True
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All great tips. I always forget about many of the ways to shorten up code. Need a cheat sheet or similar of the most common ones! –  dan h May 10 '14 at 18:07

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Can't do that with an IF statement, but you could use:

    CASE 1, 3, 9, 17
        ' Do something
    CASE 2, 4
        ' Do another thing
        ' Do something else
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You can also try like:

If (New List(Of Integer)(New Integer() {1, 3, 5, 7, 9}).Contains(value)) Then
    Return TRUE
End If
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If it's a return statement, you could make it bit shorter like this;

Return value = 1 Or value = 9 Or value = 3 Or value = 17

Also if the values would be in an array, you could use Linq - Any function;

Dim value As Integer = 1
Dim values = New Integer() {1, 9, 3, 17}
Return values.Any(Function(number) number = value)
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You can't do what you want exactly within VB, but you can get around it. Here is one method. Put your values into an Array. You can search the Array using the IndexOf method. If the IndexOf returns a number above -1, then the item was found in the array. There are some gotchas that you will want to read about on the MSDN page.

Dim value As Boolean
Dim myList() As Integer = {1, 9, 3, 17}
If Array.IndexOf(myList, 12) > -1 Then
    value = True
    value = False
End If

Console.WriteLine("Found: {0}", value)

You can also shorten the test to an inline comparison and assignment, removing the need for the If statement above.:

value = (Array.IndexOf(myList, 12) > -1)
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