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I am using aforge framework on visual studio. I have no error but I am getting wrong output. My code;

public void btn_hesapla_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)

        double girdi;
        girdi = Convert.ToDouble(txt_girdi.Text);
        double[] dizi = new double[1];
        dizi[0] = girdi;

        if (network != null)
            lbl_sonuc.Text = (network.Compute(dizi)[0]).ToString(); //output is range of (-1,1)
            lbl_sonuc.Text = "bir hata oldu(sonuç NULL)";


My output is range of (-1,1). But it must be like a 4,5,12,6 or something like that. It is correct that I don't know accually that be normalize function.

(I am sorry for my bad English)

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You can make normalize your input data and denormalize output data. For instance inputdata/100 and than outputdata*100. Try please.

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Thanks a lot. Its good advice. –  user3425879 May 10 at 20:14

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