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I am trying to read a local text file with the help of the File API, and convert it to an HEX file using a similar function to "bin2hex()" (using CharCodeAt() function), and then finally process the HEX numbers to obtain my results. All this in Javascript.

To convert my file to an HEX array, I scan each character of the file via a for loop file and then use the bin2hex() function to obtain the HEX value. I would expect a result between 0x00 and 0xFF corresponding to whatever character I am trying to convert. But It seems that sometimes I am obtaining 0xfffd or 0x00 for no apparent reasons. Is there a limitations in terms of which characters you can process through the charcodeat() function or read with the File API? Or is there maybe easier way to do it (PHP, Ajax)?

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You're assuming that 1 character = 1 byte, which is not always true in Unicode. Just skip String all together –  Paul S. Apr 17 '14 at 22:43

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Go straight into Bytes rather than via String

var file = new Blob(['hello world']); // your file

var fr = new FileReader();
fr.addEventListener('load', function () {
    var u = new Uint8Array(this.result),
        a = new Array(u.length),
        i = u.length;
    while (i--) // map to hex
        a[i] = (u[i] < 16 ? '0' : '') + u[i].toString(16);
    u = null; // free memory
    console.log(a); // work with this
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