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I want to write a program that keeps track of my winnings in Poker. I will enter into a console data such as when I started my session (date, time I started my session, time I ended my session), how much I initially buy-in, how many re-buys I do and what my total buy-in amount is, and how much I cashed out for that session.

What would be the best way to modify/edit this data whenever I want to? I was thinking about writing it to a text file, then whenever I need to edit a session, I would get that certain line in the text file and edit it, then overwrite to the text file again. But would this be inefficient? What are some better methods to do this?

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Yes, it would be inefficient, that's what databases are for. Use a database, and create a simple web front-end. Also your question states clearly what you want to do, but does not show any research effort on how to do it; you should either modify it or delete it. –  Sh3ljohn Apr 17 at 22:58

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