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We have a dashboard system (Dashing) that we can view through a browser (Chrome). We have two TVs up displaying this dashboard now. Each TV has a $350 PC connected to it. I am wondering if we could use a Chromecast plugged into each TV and have only one PC "displaying" the dashboard. This is relevant because 1) we are looking at adding monitors after we expand our office and 2) the PCs tend to be a pain in the ..., with things like updates pushed from IT, password chances, etc. One PC would definitely be better. Bonus points if I can get rid of all the PCs and just use Chromecast pointed at a URL.


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Currently, you can only be connected to a single device at a time, hence can only mirror to one Cast device. You mentioned you are mirroring your browser. Is the content that you are mirroring a simple page, a video, ...? You may be able to come up with a simple app that would eliminate the need for having PC's completely. Tell us more about the content you are mirroring (hopefully it is not flash :-) )

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It is definitely not flash. Dashing is all HTML5, and an example can be seen here: dashingdemo.herokuapp.com/sampletv –  pushmatrix Apr 22 at 20:26
If it is a simple page that doesn't need any interaction (in terms of navigation, clicks, etc), then it is pretty straightforward to write a simple app that can cast that to Chromecast and once you do that, you need absolutely no PC, all you need is a phone or tablet to do the casting (and not a dedicated device, just cast it in the morning and let it runs for hours) –  Ali Naddaf Apr 23 at 2:24
The answer is disappointing, but what I expected. I guess I could look into creating an "App" for Chromecast, but honestly I have spent more time on making this work than I had hoped. The thought of learning another stack that I will likely never use again is not particularly appealing. :-) –  Patrick O'Hara Apr 24 at 12:46
There are apps for Chromecast that I believe can help you with this. –  Ali Naddaf Apr 24 at 14:19

The Chrome browser extension can only cast to one device. A workaround is to install the Chrome browser extension Beta version alongside the non-beta version, and you'll have a second browser extension that can cast to a second device.

My colleague suggests that if you install Chrome Canary, the Beta version of Chrome, you can run two Chromes, with two extensions each, and support four devices.

Hopefully, this limitation will be removed, and the browser extension will support multiple devices.

Our use case is driving information kiosk displays from a single computer. Chromecast is nice in that the display's physical security does not expose the PC driving the display.

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